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Welcome to my June newsletter. This is actually my first such publication. Though I've had my artist website up for a few months now, it was only in May that I started getting folks that signed up for my email blast in large numbers. I also created a fan page on Facebook a few days ago, to which I'll also be posting this as well. I'll be putting this on my DeviantArt journal, too. So if you follow me in more than one of those places, please don't feel too spammed.

May Wrap-Up

So, some things from the past month:

I completed a new model in ZBrush, this one is a crab. I've already got one artwork published featuring it, and I have two more on the way for June/July.

I was interviewed by a site called "Something We Like". They tell me that the interview is to be posted on June 2 here: http://www.somethingwelike.com/inspirational/chitchat-daniel-eskridge

I started a fan page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfDanielEskridge

I published seven new works, two of which ("The Buffalo Vanguard" and "The Sea Witch") were, by my standards, wildly successful, each getting thousands of visitors in the first 24 hours of publication. I think I was definitely dreaming of a vacation to the coast this month as four of them are set on the beach:

The Buffalo Vanguard
Sea Monster on the Beach
Sea Breeze Butterfly
Frontier Widow
The Swineherdess
The Crab's Aquarium
The Sea Witch

Looking ahead

I have a few images in the works already for June. For you paleoart fans, my Irish Elk model is going to make an appearance in my first work to be published this month, and, later in the month, you can look forward to an image featuring a short faced bear. I have another work featuring my crab model that is in post production and should be out in the first week or so of the month. Also, I am making a foray into a genre I don't usually work in, that of Horror -- the result of sleepless, high-fever night I had this past week. So look for a H.P. Lovecraft themed work probably towards the end of the month.

Limited Time Offer

Photography Prints

So for the six days of June, I have the following special going:

A 16" x 20" canvas print of one of my most popular works "The Peace Accord", for just $55.

There is a limit of 10, so hurry if you are interseted, click here: http://fineartamerica.com/weeklypromotion.html?promotionid=83894

June discount

Also, for you readers, here is a discount code for up to $25 off an order from my print gallery (www.DanielEskridge.com) good for all of June: XZLZPF . Please note that the discount only applies to my markup and not the materials or shipping.

Thanks everyone!
Daniel Eskridge