July Newsletter

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July Newsletter

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to my July newsletter. It's summer, and, here in Atlanta, it is REALLY REALLY hot. For a couple of days, we have hit the highest ever recorded temperature. The good thing about that is that I'm spending more time inside trying to stay cool and working on some experimental images.

June Wrap-Up

So, some things from the past month:

For June, I completed eight new works including two additions to my rather popular pig series. I also completed two new ZBrush models - a couple of monsters, both of which can be already be seen in my gallery (and below in this news letter). I've been reading H.P. Lovecraft stories a lot. So don't be surprised if a few more horror themed works find their way into my gallery in the coming weeks.

Also, sales in June went surprisingly well for typically slow summer season. In fact, I have a new top seller: Dodo Afternoon has replaced The White Buffalo as my most sold print.

A quick list of June's releases:

Bad Influence
Rough Crowd of the Farmyard
Deep One
Short-faced Bear and Saber-Toothed Cat
Crab Dance
Smoking Dwarf
Pigs After A Storm
Megaloceros Giganteus

Looking ahead

Coming in July, you will be able to really see how much I'm preoccupied with dreams of a beach vacation. I have two beach themed works in post production now. Furthermore, I have a whale themed image on the way as well, though, it's not in the typical sense you might imagine. It should also be no surprise that I have another pig themed image in production, too. Finally, for the paleoart fans, you can look forward to a dinofelis image towards the end of the week.

Thanks everyone!
Daniel Eskridge

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